Reiki is a universal energy and the art of channelling this energy to encourage natural healing.

Many people look for an alternative to western healing techniques and seek something more holistic to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Whether the holistic body is in turmoil or the individual seeks guidance in their general life, Reiki can offer a life-changing experience for all who are drawn to it.

Your Reiki master for each level is Kirsty Taylor, owner of Uniquely Organic EcoSpa. With a strong background in chakras and a passion for organic healing Kirsty will incorporate these into her teachings. Therefore, these attunements are best suitable for those who have an interest in these areas.

Our Reiki attunements are certified by the Reiki and Seichem Association enabling you to get insurance and offer Reiki to the public for a fee of your choice.

Reiki level 2 and chakra balancing

Reiki 2 brings you to a level of offering this healing art to others, be it friends and family or the general public. During this one day workshop we will cover:

  • Responsibility of Reiki practitioner
  • Client – practitioner relationship
  • Professional conduct
  • Treatment plan
  • Treatment variations
  • The symbols
  • Treatment development

To partake in level 2 Reiki, level 1 must have been reached a minimum of one month previous.

Investment: £300

Accreditation: Reiki and Seichem Association (RASA) and GTi

Tutor: Kirsty Kianifard

Course Dates: 


50% deposit is required to secure your place. The remaining balance is requested two weeks prior to course start date.

What our students say:

“I was going through a very transitional period in my life when I met Kirsty. I’m preparing for moving my life to a different country and the change that comes with that: leaving family behind, building a new life elsewhere. I’d become increasingly interested in Eastern thought, philosophy and physical practice such as yoga and so this came at a natural time in my learning curve.

When I lived in Brighton, I went to guided meditation sessions at Uniquely Organic EcoSpa, and I loved the space. I hadn’t met Kirsty before but I knew that whoever ran this place was someone I’d enjoy working with! Working with her absolutely affirmed this. Spending time with her is like sitting in bright sunshine: everything seems clearer and you feel a warm glow of happiness. I can’t imagine doing this work with a better person.” Raz, London/USA