BodyMind School is a holistic training centre for wellbeing warriors. Located within our award-winning EcoSpa, we work with students who feel called to step into the world of healing and who are ready to transition into a more aligned way of living.

We support our students to create thriving businesses within the wellness industry and believe in creating an integrative health movement that serves clients, practitioners and the wider community.

Our pioneering approach to training and mentoring is supported by more than a decade of experience and is echoed in our commitment to offering sustainable, earth-friendly courses with unrivalled quality.

Why choose BodyMind School

Δ   JOIN THE TRIBE – Every student that graduates from BodyMind School gets lifetime access to our BodyMind Tribe – an online community to support your continued growth within the wellbeing industry and give you access to an abundance of resources from experts within your field. This tribe also acts as a networking tool for business and referral  relationships and supports us to push our collective mission of integrated health.

Δ  REAL SPA ENVIRONMENT – Based within our award-winning EcoSpa sister company, you will have real experience of spa life. No role playing or recreating a ‘salon’ environment – you will learn first hand exactly how to practise in-spa.

Δ  SMALL CLASS SIZE – We know the secret to delivering high quality training is to tailor everything to the needs of our students. As a result, our classes have a maximum of six students per class.

Δ CASE STUDIES INCLUDED – We know how difficult it can be to complete all your case studies from home – you don’t have the right equipment, space or models. All our courses have a built-in case study session to allow you to complete them within your course time – we even provide the models!

Δ INDUSTRY STANDARDS – Having run our sister company, Uniquely Organic EcoSpa, for over eight years, we have seen first hand what practitioners are not being taught during training. As a result, all our courses meet industry standards, meaning you will have everything you need to wow your clients and/or future employers.

Δ JOB OPPORTUNITIES – All graduates get first refusal on job opportunities within BodyMind School and Uniquely Organic EcoSpa. We are so confident in our training standards that we would love nothing more than having you join our team.

Δ BUSINESS ACUMEN – We know everything there is to know about building an award-winning business within the wellbeing industry. As a result, not only will you have access to innovative training but you will also  have access to full business development support

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Your BodyMind Team

Kirsty Kianifard

BodyMind School Founder & Course Leader

Steph Payne

BodyMind School Course Coordinator

Natasha Cooper

BodyMind School Manager & Tutor

Vanessa Tait

BodyMind School Course Coordinator